I was born in the former German Democratic Republic, but now it is fortunately one Germany without any walls. As a child I grew up in a rural environment, with lots of folk customs and traditions (also magical ones) in a family with an almost hereditary passion for history, religions and mythology. 

In our village, people would got to see the shepherd to talk off zoster or warts. (Shepherds are - sometimes until today - people who also practise folk medicine.) This was common and nobody would have wondered about it. But everything spiritual had to take place in secret, for in a socialist country, this was considered to be "opium of the people" and you could get serious problems with the Stasi (secret police) when doing things like that openly.

When I was a teen, this was about 1994, I began to learn reading tarot cards and my concious exploration of magic and spirituality started. It felt like coming home. When I saw the cards the first time, I instinctively knew: This is my way.

After finishing school, I studied sociology and pedagogy and startet a small magazine for witches and people interested in natural magic. Later I wrote a little more and my first book "Basiswissen Weiße Magie" (Basics in White Magic) was published in 2003. Several books followed, they are so far only available in german language.

Besides my work as an author I teach correspondence courses about natural magic, tarot, lenormand, herbal lore and witchcraft.

Spirituality is nothing miraculous or detached to me. It simply means to communicate with the source of all things, that moves and changes all forms of life, wheter you call it God, Goddess, Spirit or whatever you like. It´s about all those things between heaven and earth, who give that special magical spark to our lives.

As a witch, my focal points are traditional European Witchcraft and Folkmagic, Ceremonial Magick and Afroamerican Traditions.