Claires Books


My books are available in german language (one also on polish) so far, you can order them at amazon (just click on the pictures) or any other bookshop.

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"Basiswissen Weiße Magie"- Basics in White Magic

My first book, published in 2003, new edition in december 2010 with all the basics you need for beginning to work with white magic.


Kerzenmagie - Candle Magic

Published in 2005, new edition 2011. Traditional european and afroamerican-influenced knowledge about working with candles to light up your life.





Die Magie der Hexen - Magic of the Witches

This book was published first in 2007 an goes in-depth into the mysteries and practise of modern witchcraft in a free way (non-wiccan), that focusses on intuition and natural energies.



 hexe claire stadthexen

Stadthexen - Magie in der Großstadt / Urban witches

In 2009 my book about weaving natural magic in urban regions came out.  




Das Kleine Zauberbuch - The little Book of Spells

2010 my little spellbook was published, full of spells for matters of love, money, protection and all things of daily life.

Magie leben - Beyond magic

In 2011 my philosophical book about witchcraft came out, about living it. It focusses not on spells and all those "outer" things in witchcraft, it focusses on the inner mysteries and living witchcraft in everyday life.



My book "Die Magie der Hexen" came out in polish language in 2011. 



Magische Heilkunst - The old ways of magical healing

In 2013 my new book is published, it is about the old ways of healing: the age-old spells to talk off illnesses, the healing stones that were used by our ancestors and the old european herbal tradition.