Frequently Asked Questions



The Lenormand Correspondence Course


How much time do I have per lesson?

You can take as much time as you need for the lessons, there is no time-frame. Most people have a busy life these days. But in my experience there is also another important thing: spiritual learning takes it´s own time. It is is not like learning in school, some things will be easy, some things will take their time and this is absolutely OK! 


I have another currency than Euros.

That is no problem, Paypal does the conversion for you easily, so you don´t have to calculate currency rates or things like that.


Can I get a certificate after the course and is there a test at the end?

I don´t do a test at the and, for I know my students truly learn and I´m not the kind of teacher with a red pen in the hand. ;) This is not the way of learning I prefer for my courses.
Of course I distinguish: if someone just buys all the lessons and a week later wants a certificate that´s something different.
But real students know they would only deceive themselves when acting like that. A certificate makes no one better that he is, but in my opinion it is an important step to appreciate the learning that was done (and also gives a little more self confidence and this is also important when reading the cards).

Are there exta charges for the certificate?

Not unless you live in a very exotic country. I will send you the certificate by mail in an envelope and usually there are no extra charges.