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Lenormand Correspondence Course



My Lenormand course is made for beginners and people who want to start with the cards without being overwhelmed by rules and precepts. It is about learning the meanings of the cards, but also about reading them with joy and confidence in your own intuition, because everybody has to find her or his own style and way of reading the cards.

This course involves many exercises with a rising level of difficulty, that step by step built upon each other, so you can develop your knowledge while practising.

We have a saying in Germany: Theory is grey! And this is also true for the cards, because reading cards means: let the intuition speak, not only the head or the rational thinking. It has to be a solid mix of knowledge by head and knowledge by heart.


Important topics are among others:

  • The meanings of the cards
  • Exercises with a rising level of difficulty
  • Card spreads and the Grand Tableau
  • How to ask the right questions
  • Training the intuition
  • Lenormand vs. Tarot
  • The meanings of the playing cards on the Lenormand
  • Reading the cards for others (professionally)
  • ... and much more!

The fee for the course is 29 € per lesson (the five lessons altogether are 145 €), mailed via email (as .pdf document). If you have another currency Paypal does the conversion for you. The whole course contains 133 pages. For every lesson there are up to three email-exchanges with Claire included, that you can use to discuss questions.

You can pay for one lesson after another or take them altogether, as you prefer it. There is no need to rush, because there are no time-limits for the lessons. You can learn in your own speed, suiting your life and circumstances (and who hasn´t a busy life today?).

Payment is possible via bank transfer and Paypal, you get all informations for that when enrolling the course. If you have any questions in advance just let me know!

After working through the course you can get a certificate for it, there are no extra charges for that, just the shipping costs.


► For further informations and the complete course curriculum write me an email to: claire@hexe-claire.de or use the contact form.


" I have enjoyed this course tremendously, thank you for sharing your knowledge, wisdom and time. I really appreciate all of your guidance and your unflinching honesty."
- a participant from California


" I learned methods by many authors {...} Their methods are so confusing that I almost give up on Lenormand, every readings seems wrong and I was really exhausted. I told myself that your course gonna be my last lenormand course... 

If it doesn't work, then maybe divination is not for me. 

I read all your course from chapter 1 to 5.. I still not finished the chapter 4 on GT (too hard for me).. But I'm getting accurate readings from your method. My faith on Lenormand and divination has been revived.... 

I really like chapter 5, it really gives many valuable advices... 

Thank you! Danke!"

" I have had an excellent experience learning from you. Since completing the course I have become confident in my readings."

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